May 22, 2024

Advice From the shipment person

April 2016, back when the Coywolf was just a month old
I got my hair done last Sunday by my good friend Alis, as well as we chatted about all type of fascinating things, like “gifts from the universe,” while she did my roots as well as touched up my highlights.

You understand exactly how the world often floats these lovely as well as unforeseen gifts your way? — whether they be deeply discounted couches from Pottery Barn or random recommendations from strangers? Well, I just recently got a gem of parenting recommendations from the person who provided our new washer last week.


I desire I understood his name… I don’t believe he introduced himself.

Anyway, let’s phone call him Elvis, since he type of appeared like an Elvis.

Elvis was incredibly nice, as well as I understood he’d be great when Connor called out a sing-songy “Hiiiii!” when he very first walked with the door, since Elvis said, “Hiiiiiii!” ideal back. as well as then he continued to response “hi” whenever Connor stated it, which must’ve occurred about 20 a lot more times during the half hour Elvis was here.


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While Elvis was setting up the washer, we made little talk. He asked exactly how lots of youngsters I have, as well as I answered, “Two, if you count my cat.” HAHA! You understand Tabs absolutely counts. He’ll be Connor’s kuya, which is the word for “older brother” in Tagalog, always as well as forever.

I asked Elvis exactly how lots of youngsters he has, as well as he stated eight. OPT! (My response: “DUDE! You’ve been busy!”). His youngest youngsters are nine-year-old twins, as well as his oldest is 25.

Sometimes your new washer includes a side of great life advice

I like to ask people with kids, “What’s the secret?” however before I might ask Elvis, he said, “Can I offer some advice?”

I enthusiastically nodded.

“You wanna understand what the most crucial thing I’ve discovered after increasing eight youngsters is?”

Um, of program I stated yes. exactly how might I not?

His answer: to appreciate the things that your youngsters can’t do yet. Like, when your child is a young child as well as can’t talk (much) yet, save all the nonsense babbling, which is adorable however discouraging at the exact same time since you can’t tell what she wants or needs, as well as you type of desire that she might talk since it would make whatever easier, however being able to completely converse is likewise a double-edged sword, since it likewise leads to youngsters speaking back.

Elvis stated that you have to try your hardest to cherish those “can’t” phases, since they’re temporary, as well as you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

I’ve been believing about this a great deal over the past few days. I desire I might hit the rewind button as well as relive so lots of Connor phases, like before she might turn over or crawl or walk… I realized then that youngsters grew up quickly, since people talk about everything the time, however I never realized just exactly how quickly. It’s bittersweet.

Like, I keep in mind sitting on the couch in tears while trying to breastfeed when she was two months old. My nipples felt like somebody had taken a cheese grater to them, as well as I hadn’t slept in days. I keep in mind thinking, “I can’t wait on the day when she can feed herself since I’m ill of being her human cow!”

To be honest, I don’t miss breastfeeding in any way (but that’s one more story for one more time), however I desire I might relive a few of those “can’t” phases when she was so small as well as little as well as couldn’t wriggle out of my arms like she does now. now that she’s always moving, moving, moving, I’m lucky if I get to hug her for a minute.

It’s one more method of stating that you gotta cherish the present. acknowledge when times are good, as well as appreciate what’s happening now.


Thanks, washer provide guy! — a.k.a. Elvis with the eight kids.

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