May 22, 2024

The new Essie spring 2014 fashion Playground Collection: This fashion Playground looks great Outside, like It Was influenced by mom Nature

The new six-piece Essie spring 2014 fashion Playground collection
A fashion Playground?

Nay, I state it’s an equinox-icating spring feast for the eyes! like spring distilled into nail polish bottles, except without the — AHCHOO! — allergies.


Pass the Zyrtec as well as Kleenex, please, since I do not want to sneeze around these lovely bottles.

Like butterflies, the six-piece Essie spring 2014 fashion Playground collection flitted onto counters earlier this month, as well as I treated my paws to ’em this morning (SKITTLES MANI!) before going for a walk…

It’s crazy just exactly how resilient these six shades seem, like the bright blue sky as well as the two blue shades, or the mint eco-friendly as well as the budding leaves on the oak trees outside. There’s likewise a huge cherry tree down the street, as well as the blossoms are spitting pictures of the peach as well as pink pastels. as well as then there’s the terminate bougainvillea bush, which might have been painted by the bright red.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

These colors absolutely say, “Hey, y’all, spring is in full effect!” mie.

Officially, fashion runways were meant to have influenced this release, like vintage denim as well as large prints — that type of thing — however my crazy makeup mind sees a lot more mom Nature’s influence than Michael Kors’. like team Essie sat down with mom Nature as well as brainstormed over a few cups of truly strong Jamaican Blue mountain coffee in a caffeine-fueled frenzy, then BOOM! — somebody in the art department mixed some acrylics at the table to find up with azure hide & Go Chic, light denim reality or Flare, pistachio fashion Playground, peachy nude spin the Bottle, crimson style hunter as well as pale tea increased Romper Room.

La ce să ne uităm

Essie is widely known for their delicate nudes as well as pastels, as well as possibilities are great that if you walk into any type of nail beauty parlor that brings the brand, you’ll see pale pinks, peaches as well as beiges FOR DAYS.

OK, those are relatively great, however I always look ahead to their blues as well as eco-friendlies (see: Mojito Madness, quite Edgy, Naughty Nautical as well as Under the Twilight).

Over the past few years, Essie’s released rather a few jazzy blue as well as eco-friendly shades I can remember, which is type of funny thinking about that for many years I believed of the line as specializing in dainty bridal nails — mostly pinks as well as nudes.

This time around, I believe the blues as well as eco-friendlies are once again the colors to enjoy out for (at least for me).

Hide & Go Chic

Hide & Go trendy (two coats)
If you get a chance, let your paws play with hide & Go Chic, the dark creamy blue.

I mean, look at it! It’s so rich… So deep… as well as a single layer works just fine (even though I went with two to be consistent with the other shades).

I likewise believe this is the one that’ll sing on the widest variety of skin tones. It’s the people’s blue!

Truth or Flare

Truth or Flare (two coats)
True or Flare, the lighter, vintage denim blue, absolutely benefits from a second coat. On my NC42 skin, I feel like the color doesn’t reach out as well as get hold of you by the eyeballs as easily as hide & Go Chic. I like it, however I have a feeling it’ll like lighter lasses best.

Fashion Playground

Fashion Playground (two coats)
And then there’s the green… fashion Playground. referred to as a pistachio shimmer, it definitely seems tasty to me. however I get a lot more of a straight-up mint cream, as the small flecks of silver shine swimming in the formula are extremely difficult to see.

At very first glance, it resembles Essie’s candy Apple, however upon better inspection I believe it’s sightly deeper as well as darker.

One may have to play with fashion Playground a bit (Ha! Sorry, poor pun). two thick coats provide completely opaque coverage, however they have to be thick… With thinner coats, it can look a bit streaky as well as need 3-4 layers.

The staying colors — the bright red as well as two creamy pale shades — strike me as rather normal of Essie (I feel like I’ve seen shades like them before), which is neither great nor bad, however they don’t truly light my terminate like the blues as well as greens.

Style Hunter

Style hunter (two coats)
Crimson style hunter leans, ever so slightly, toward magenta. this must be a blast on toes, methinks. One coat or two works well.

Romper Room

Romper space (two coats)

I believe pale pink Romper space is likewise type of neat. It reminds me of the opaque white manis I was seeing anywhere last summer, only updated as well as served with a twist.

Like fashion Playground, it seems to like thicker coats, as well as two quite well for me.

Spin theSticla

Rotiți sticla (două straturi)
Și pentru Grand Finale! – Un nud fundamental. Spinați sticla, în timp ce emisiunea standard Essie, este încă un babe. Non-Streaky, cred că pare foarte mare cu două nuanțe.

Linia de jos.

Păstrați un ochi pentru acele blues, precum și eco-prietenii – ascunde și du-te chic, în specifici – precum și în cazul în care pastelurile sunt gemul tău, de asemenea, ai dețin camera Romper.

Toate cele șase nuanțe sunt oferite acum la Saloane, magazine de aprovizionare, Ulta, precum și pe Internet pentru fiecare $ 8.50.

Cu toate acestea, încă un comerciant de obsesie a lui Joe (într-o linie lungă de obsesii gustoase)

Om nom nom!
Sfânta Crap, Tipule! DAYUM … Comerciant Joe jetoane de legume.

A luat-o pe un capriciu de weekend trecut, precum și s-au stricat lumea mea de prânz. Acestea sunt făcute din legume rădăcină (Taro, cartof minunate, precum și parsnip), precum și au acea criză satisfăcătoare care face lucrurile dependente de sălbăticie.


Ați încercat aceste lucruri înainte? Vă rugăm să precizați da.

Addictul dvs. de recurs comunitar prietenos,


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