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Saturday Surfing, February 10th, 2018

To quote a fantastic connoisseur of round, crisp cakes, “COOKIES!” as well as by the way, is it just me, or has Cookie Monster gotten a great deal more… What’s the word? (Oh, the irony here.) Articulate? I feel like he’s broadened his vocabulary a fantastic offer over the years.

In other news… I’m still baking my method with 2018! Last night I made chocolate chip cookies.


But I can’t keep as well many in the home since I’ll eat them all, so most of them go to buddies as well as neighbors…

Cei mai mulți dintre ei.

I utilized a new recipe, too. I’m usually a Toll home chocolate chips girl, however I grabbed a bag of Ghirardelli Semi wonderful chocolate Chips a few days back as well as complied with the recipe on the back.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

They turned out quite well! — although, I believe I’ll add a touch more salt next time… Ooh! perhaps I’ll sprinkle sea salt flakes on top of them.

I like that contrast of salty as well as sweet. I’m likewise going to “up” the walnut ratio. I only utilized one cup, per the instructions, however I’m believing they might have been nuttier… LOL. Heck, all of us might be a bit nuttier, amirite?

Side note/Bay area trivial trivia: everybody right here states “GEAR-AR-delly.” For the like of all silky Maine Coon kitties, please, please, please do not state “jee-rar-dah-lee.” I went to institution with somebody who always stated “jee-rar-dah-lee,” as well as she insisted that it was right.

I was like, “Look, girly, you’re from southern California. I don’t tell you about Hollywood as well as sunshine, however I’m from the Bay Area. get IT RIGHT.”


OK, sufficient about chocolate (for now). Let’s discuss other tasty as well as fascinating things, like…

I’m endlessly fascinated by people as well as their connection with makeup. In this Yale Herald piece, trainee author as well as makeup enthusiast Max Himpe composes that “Ranks of guy wear makeup. We do it in the day as well as at night; publicly as well as privately; quietly as well as loudly. It’s used everyday or yearly or instinctively, on- as well as off-stage. We utilize makeup to conceal flaws, improve features, as design or even as artistry. There is nobody way; the parameters are endless. a few of us understand other guy who wear makeup. all of us desire we understood more.” extremely fascinating ARTICLE.

Fashion designer/Project runway alumnus Christian Siriano is partnering with e.l.f. for a restricted edition makeup collection that introduces today. whatever in the collection is less than $20, as well as there’s a great deal of color — like hot pink packaging as well as an eyeshadow combination packed with brights (green as well as teal, what?!), among other things.
I’m kinda surprised, in a great way. I liked the season he starred on PR, as well as even though I haven’t complied with him carefully since then, I always believed that if he were to do a beauty collab, it would be something along the lines of what Victoria Beckham did with Estée Lauder — high end, exclusive, great deals as well as great deals of black packaging.

I question if he’s going to branch out as well as release some makeup on his own.

Are you complying with the winter Olympics? If you are, you may catch a glimpse this traveling squad of 230 young North Korean women handpicked to act as a kind of worldwide cheerleading squad — except without the back handsprings as well as basket tosses — to support the North Korean athletes.
The members are mainly trainees from upper-class households in Pyongyang, as well as they travel abroad in behalf of the regime during special occasions.

Backstage at fashion Week is a great location to glimpse products that will be introducing soon, as well as MAC just recently exposed that a new line of 24-Hour studio repair concealers will be introducing this summer. The full-coverage liquid concealer will are available in 34 shades as well as include a tube with a doe foot.
I’m down for full-coverage concealer, homie, however I hope they aren’t as well matte, you know? I don’t mind matte concealer on my cheeks, chin as well as around my nose, however they’re usually a no-go under my eyes, where they frequently add about 20 years to my face.

Still looking ahead to them, though! studio repair is one of my old-school MAC faves.

Iată! This bunch of majestic Maine Coon cats! *swoons*
These felines sport seriously silky shampoo commercial-caliber manes.

If cats might text, this is a great representation of exactly how quite much every conversation would go down.

While we’re on the subject of cats, I’m intrigued by this feline bag carrier. Of course, Tabs would only want one if it were Louis Vuitton or Chanel.

100 years of lip looks


OK, babes, I hope you have a wonderful Caturday. vorbim curand. Pa.

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