May 22, 2024

First Snow

A unexpected chilly front passed with the Bay Area!
Yes, it snows in the Bay Area!

Well…thanks to technology. however it has/does really snow genuine snow on event (the last time I keep in mind genuine flakes floating down from the sky was in the ’90s), however you can normally discover snow machines as well as man-made snow playgrounds around the loc.


This one is at the outside Marin region Mart shopping center in the town of Larkspur about 20 minutes north of the golden entrance Bridge. It’s the exact same shopping center that has my preferred SpaceNK store.

Kids as well as adults can go from sunny, not a cloud in the sky as well as mid-60s, to running around as well as falling on their butts in the snow (and throwing snowballs at unsuspecting close-by adults, ahem).

It might have been spring if not for the red velvet bows as well as the run-in with Santa.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

I believe Connor got a kick out of the snow… Actually, I’m not sure. She awkwardly walked around on it for a bit, however then she discovered a random lime sitting on a wooden bench as well as was a lot more thinking about smothering it with hugs as well as kisses than playing in the snow.

Babies are so weird, man!

While she played in the snow with her daddy as well as held her lime, I taken a look at a close-by health club called worldwide Orange.

They have two places — the one in Larkspur as well as one in SF. It’s a full spa, minimalist style, with massages, facials as well as body treatments, as well as they bring great deals of skin as well as body care lines I’ve never heard of, like In Fiore, Mommentto, Luzern Labs as well as Orgaid.

The only thing I acknowledged was Vitner’s Daughter, which is awesome since new BRANDS.

Watch out for random snowballs…
A gorgeous day in the Bay Area
Cheerful decoration as well as sunshine FTW!
Draga Mosule. This year for Christmas I’d like 20 kittens. say thanks to you!
When infants like limes…

Seriously obsessed
One of the adorable shops at Marin country Mart in Larkspur
International Orange Spa
Minimalist as well as zen…
In Fiore body products
Vitner’s child Serum
Mommentto Candles
Luzern Labs as well as Orgaid
Parts of California truly do get snow every winter, however not out right here in the Bay Area. We get snow machines, as well as we get to wear sweatshirts as well as play Christmas music.


Este distractiv. just a bit different.

Addictul dvs. de recurs comunitar prietenos,


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