May 22, 2024

MAC Snow ball Eye Compact/Rose Gold

That look you get when you find a MAC holiday eye palette that you really, genuinely love
In the case of the MAC Snow ball Eye Compact/Rose Gold ($29.50), a whole lotta “no’s” equal one big YES.

First time I used this palette, I was simply blown away. There was no fallout, so no cleaning up afterward. and no layering! — which, you know, with MAC LE eye palettes, is shocking, because they aren’t normally as pigmented as the permanent collection eyeshadows, but these are potently punchy.


So, basically, no drama. Nici unul! I think this is — yes, I’m going to absolutely go there — the best LE holiday eye palette MAC has done in years.

MAC Snow ball Eye Compact/Rose Gold
I’m wearing No Curfew in my crease, Budding passion and Shiver of delight on my lids, drama in the show on my lash lines, and Winterlude as a highlight

If you’ve been following MAC for a while, you probably know that their LE holiday eyeshadow palettes have historically been…a little dicey. They’ve been forest Gump’s box of chocolates in that you never know what you’re gonna get! That’s why rose Gold’s got me shook. It’s easily up to par with the best of the best eyeshadow singles in the MAC permanent line.

From the top: Winterlude, No Curfew, She Sparkles, Shiver of Delight, Budding Passion,
drama in the Snow
Rose Gold has six eyeshadows, all of them powders. four are regular MAC eyeshadows, and two are glittery Dazzleshadows. Thematically, it’s all about warm shades of brown, pink and copper, along with a few accent shades. If you wear a lot of pink lipsticks or glosses, this is the palette for you.


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$ 42.

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Pink lips pair well with these shadows. Incidentally, I’m wearing Please Me Lipstick, a matte rosy pink from the Snow ball tiny Lipstick Kit.
You get two browns — a lighter matte pinkish brown crease color and a darker brown, which is technically a satin but looks like a matte when you put it on, and you can use either one as a crease color or liner.

There’s also a single satiny, peachy beige highlight shade; a lid color in a shimmering copper; and two glitters, one a light gray with silver sparkle, and the other a rose gold with copper sparkle.

All of the shadows are soft to the touch, and the powders yield easily to a few swipes of a blending brush. even the dual-ended brush isn’t completely ridiculous… Really, though, why is this so easy to use!? I seriously don’t get it, but I’m feeling it, man!

The packaging’s cute, too.
First time I worn this palette, I blocked off an exorbitant amount of time play with it because I thought I’d have to put it on and take it off a few times to practice and work my way through any layering and fallout. It took about 10 minutes to realize, “Oh, snap! I’m gonna have this eye look done in a few minutes! wait — is that crease already blended out?” Seriously, it was boss.

MAC Snow ball Eye Compact rose Gold
Color me impressed. The shadows in this palette don’t fall short in any way. I hope that MAC continues this trend with their future holiday palettes.


Rose Gold is $29.50, and it’s one of two eye palettes in the Snow ball holiday Collection (I’ll have a review of the other one up soon). everything in Snow ball is limited edition, so if you’re interested, you might want to swatch it sooner rather than later to see if it works for you…and I hope it does!

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