May 22, 2024

Natural, Yet Complex, Is the glow I get From These new hourglass Ambient lighting Blushes

wearing the new hourglass Ambient lighting blush in Diffused heat ($35) on my cheeks
Opportunities abound for creative wordplay with the name of these new Ambient lighting Blushes by Hourglass.

Gandeste-te la asta…


You [Ambient lighting Blush] light up my life.

These Ambient lighting Blushes are turning me on!

Stealing the spotlight this spring? These six new hourglass Ambient lighting Blushes, yea!


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

The sleek compacts…
Unfortunately, however, because 1) my brain cells are moving at the speed of stomach button lint today, and 2) I feel slightly less creative than an amoeba, I am unable to partake of said wordplay.

Instead, this is the best I can do: issue a severe warning…

DO NOT get within five feet of these things — don’t do it! — unless you plan to bring at least one of them home ideal then and there, because these things are a lot more captivating than the Borg, and by that I indicate that resistance is futile.

Hourglass Ambient lighting Blushes in Radiant Magenta (left) and Diffused heat (right), $35 each us and $41 CDN
Because only half of my neurons are firing today (if that), I was going to say that these blushes melt into my skin like butter, but then I thought, “Good grief, Karen! Is that the best you can do?”

No, I think not.

Picture this: your work crush grabs you by the shoulders when no one is looking, presses you up against a file cabinet, kisses you squarely on the mouth, and then quietly, nonchalantly, walks away without saying a word.

That — that ideal there. That natural flush on your cheeks? That’s the kind of flush these Ambient lighting Blushes can create.

Radiant Magenta, so pretty!
So, what are they, and how do they work?

Well, I’m thankful you asked.

They’re a new line of powder blushes arriving next month, and, essentially, they combine existing hourglass Ambient lighting Powder shades with cheek colors, creating blush/highlighter hybrids pressed into charming marbled pans.

The shades…

Radiant Magenta combines a golden fuchsia blush with Radiant Light Ambient Powder for a summer time glow.

Etherial glow fuses Ethereal Light Ambient Powder with a cool pink blush for a luminous, moonlit effect.

Mood exposure brightens cheeks by pairing a soft plum blush with mood Light Ambient Powder.

Dim Infusion blends dim Light Ambient Powder with a coral blush to add warmth to cheeks.

Diffused heat marries a lively poppy blush with Diffused Light Ambient Powder for a subtle halo effect.

Luminous Flush softly illuminates cheeks with a candlelit glow by combining a champagne rose blush and luminous Light Ambient Powder.

After wearing and testing two of the six, Radiant Magenta and Diffused Heat, I’ve already come to the conclusion that I’m absolutely going to need the other shades in my life.

These blushes may not look very pigmented in a swatch, but start buffing a layer on your cheeks, and you swiftly see just how much pigment the pans really contain.

One layer is all it takes for a soft, radiant flush — and that’s while using a fan brush, which lays down less color than a regular blush brush.

It takes such a small amount.

And cooler still? Unlike highly pigmented standard blushes, these are much much easier to blend. incorporating the Ambient Powders into each pan seems to strike terror into extreme lines, and it also uses you extra leeway during application.

Diffused Heat
I think the look is similar to what I get when I layer a matte blush on top of a highlighter — that same sort of radiant, natural luminescence and dimensionality — but in this case it’s from the Ambient Powders peeking through the blush.

If/when you try any of these on, look into a mirror if you can, and turn your head to see your cheeks from different angles. That’s when you can really see the impact of the added Ambient Powders. very pretty, and very cool.

More on the hourglass Ambient lighting Blushes…

The blushes are hand-crafted in Italy, so no two pans look alike, and weren’t checked on animals.

They’re complimentary of parabens, talc, fragrances, nanoparticles (again with the Borg!) and gluten.

Can be worn with the Ambient Powders for even a lot more glow.

Hourglass implemented something they call “Photoluminescent Technology” to create an airy, lightweight powder with optically transparent, color-amplifying particles.

A closeup of Radiant Magenta
A closer look at Diffused Heat.
Swatches in Diffused heat (left) and Radiant Magenta (right)
Wearing Ambient lighting blush in Diffused heat on my cheeks
Radiant Magenta
Seriously, these blushes absolutely should have a ’90s-style raise the roofing move. They’re so remarkably flexible, too. You could do a light flush one day, then a bolder cheek the next. simply apply an extra layer, or swap out your fan or skunk brush for a basic blush perie.


Și pentru că nu va trebui să cheltuiți o amestecare veșnică, veți avea mult mai mult timp pentru mult mai multe lucruri de presare … cum ar fi trimiterea textului dvs. BFF toată ziua sau amintirea despre V.C. Andrews cărți în rucsacuri țesute sau jucând M.A.S.H. (Conac, apartament, sac, casa).

Preț: 35 $ pentru o tigaie de 0.15-oz
Disponibilitate: Veniți februarie la Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora, Spark și
Rating de machiaj și de apel: a

Dependentul dvs. de recurs de vecinătate prietenos,


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