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Saturday Surfing, February 3rd, 2018

Hiya, friend! have you had breakfast yet? Some Saturdays I’m all about making a huge breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon — the whole set as well as caboodle — however in some cases I’m like “Naaah…” LOL!

Sometimes I requirement the rest much more than the breakfast, ya know? So I’m just gonna chill on the couch with my cup of coffee, this episode of The fantastic British baking show Masterclass (Paul Hollywood is making baguettes!) as well as this tasty RX chocolate Sea Salt protein Bar.


Perhaps a grapefruit will be peeled as well as eaten… possibly not. Vom vedea.

My buddy Alis introduced me to these bars, as well as they’re SO good. She’s a hectic hairdresser as well as works long days, so she’s always searching for quick healthy snacks that she can eat at the salon.

I believe she provided me one of these bars while my roots were processing, haha!


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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Anyway, this tastes like a brownie (and who doesn’t want brownies for breakfast?!), as well as they’re made with an amazingly easy listing of ingredients. this has dates, egg whites, almonds, cashews, chocolate, cocoa, “natural flavors” (eh, ya know, they want to keep their trick recipe) as well as sea salt.

The chocolate Sea Salt one is my preferred flavor (Connor likes them too).

What have you been having for breakfast lately? Do you have a routine? Cereale? Ovaz? A cheesy omelet?

În alte știri …

This man really does quite well! You go, Bob Herzog! (Facebook)

Scientists ?? are having fun with Amazon reviews. They’re leaving evaluations on daily home products as well as charm products like nail polish as well as dental floss, as well as explaining exactly how they utilize the products in actual scientific experiments.
Like, remove nail polish is utilized to apply pieces of brain to glass slides (no way!) as well as likewise is available in useful during types collection. (Apparently, so does dental floss, in situation you were wondering.)

Makeup artist Linda Cantello, a.k.a. THE creator OF THE SMOKY EYE, breaks down the history of the look as well as exactly how it developed in the ’90s with Tom Ford during his Gucci days.
According to Linda, if it takes you longer than two minutes to do, you’re doing it wrong. She suggests mapping out the shape with a black pencil, as well as then building it out with a liquid eyeshadow.

Cat ladies, this is completely a thing —> wedding event pics ??? with your cat.

You wear your wedding event dress, your feline hangs out with you (hopefully he or she is NOT as well thinking about clawing at your gown!), as well as a professional photographer captures the moment for prosperity.

Sadly, I satisfied Tabs after I got married, however if he had been around, I would’ve done this in a heartbeat! Heck, El Hub most likely would’ve made him his finest man.

I mean, there’s NO method my entire makeup collection might in shape into this $14 acrylic organizer from Amazon, however I’m still fascinated by it. It gets four-and-a-half stars with practically 2,000 reviews, so it’s gotta be somewhat good, yeah?

How did NASA’s very first woman astronauts in the late-1970s deal with things like menstruation as well as collecting urine samples in zero gravity when it had never been done before? concerning restroom hygiene during spaceflight, Smithsonian area shuttle curator Valerie Neal states that, “They tried producing some kind of form-fitted plastic gadgets that you might tuck in close that would serve as a funnel, connected to a hose as well as plastic bag, however that was as well messy.” two women in the program were mothers, as well as they brought up the concept of adult-sized disposable diapers, which weren’t easily offered at the time.
That’s NASA — as well as mom! — ingenuity for ya.

Oh, as well as if you requirement me today, I’ll be right here trying to eliminate the remnants of this chocolate Sea Salt bar from my molars. They’re tasty however crazy sticky!


Have a fantastic weekend.

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