May 22, 2024

5 things I’ve Been Loving Lately

one of these days, my hair won’t be so untidy (but today is not that day).
1. universal thread high-rise Destroyed Midi Jean Shorts

OH. ASA DE. BUN. The high midsection on these jean shorts hits above the stomach button as well as hold whatever in, so I don’t feel like my tum-tum is hanging out the sides of my waistband, as well as the midi-length totally covers the cheeks as well as the extremely tops of my thighs. I feel covered up, however yet the shorts are still short sufficient to keep me great as well as lengthen my gams.

The material is a blend of 91% cotton, 7% Polyester as well as 2% Spandex, so it does stretch out a little, however I don’t mind since I don’t like my shorts to cling securely to my booty. keep in mind that since the denim stretches, the waistband starts to loosen after a few hours, so the shorts do slip down, however I just wear them with a belt as well as remind myself that they were only $17.99!


They’re likewise coated with something that’s meant to repel stains? say thanks to goodness, since I requirement all the assist I can get with white shorts.

I’m believing of grabbing a couple a lot more pairs!

2. Aveeno infant constant security Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

I’ve had a number of good friends suggest Aveeno infant Sunscreen (about $13), as well as it’s truly as great as everybody states it is.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

The active component in this physical sunscreen is zinc oxide, which works by sitting on top of the skin to deflect as well as scatter UV rays. It takes in quickly, isn’t sticky, doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, as well as layers well with other skin care products as well as beneath makeup. It doesn’t sting as I’m scrubing it in as well as hasn’t damaged me out (knocks on wood). There is a white cast at first…but it fades after about a half an hour, so I don’t anxiety about it. It’s sweat-and water-resistant for as much as 80 minutes, too.

3. Stretching

I’ve stated this before, as well as I’ll state it again: Stretching is NOT my forte, as I’m about as naturally versatile as a plank of plywood. MY hamstrings are the WORST, as well as whenever somebody in a physical fitness class or a workout video states “bend over as well as touch your toes,” I’m the person with her fingertips at the tops of her knees stating “NOPE! Nu se va intampla.” however I’ve just found stretching videos on YouTube, as well as my life is permanently changed.

My toes as well as arches felt SO great after this video.

I’m about to do this one.

I like doing stretching videos since it’s much easier for me to have somebody lead me with different stretching positions, rather than having to believe about what to do next on my own (because why would I put my body into uneasy positions on my own?). It likewise truly assists having somebody tell me exactly how long to sit or stand in whatever pretzel setting I’m currently in; otherwise, I’ll just peace-the-eff-out after 10 seconds.

I’ve been doing a 20-minute stretch video while I enjoy TV at night before bed, as well as after less than a week, my body feels much better in the morning (and throughout the day, really), as well as I sleep much better at night since my muscles aren’t as sore after my workouts.


4. Air fryers

Air fryers simulate deep frying by utilizing hot air as well as just a very little amount of oil, so they’re meant to be excellent for healthy cooking. I don’t have one (yet), however I reeeeeeally want one, since at my mommy as well as dad’s home a few weekends back for lunch, they cooked an entire Tilapia in their air fryer, as well as it was so tender as well as juicy that I inhaled the entire fish by myself in — I’m not even kidding — less than 15 minutes! (Side note: Don’t mess with a bit Filipino woman as well as her yummy fish, man.)

Only thing holding me back is that the machines tend to be significant as well as take up great deals of counter/cupboard space, which I don’t have at the moment, however is something I’m actively working towards, which leads me to…

5. going to goodwill when a day

I’m in the process of de-cluttering my home (we’re prepping for a minor remodel, which is one more conversation for one more time), as well as I’ve realized that the least stressful method for me to do it is to chip away at things with bite-sized recycling as well as disposal tasks, rather than doing a massive, overwhelming purge.

Inside this bag are 10 coats I haven’t used in 15 years. part of me believes I must save them for Connor…but one more part of me is just so prepared to let the clutter goooooooooo!
So this is what I do! Every day, I spend five minutes in each space adding products to a big bag of things to donate (the policy for me is if I haven’t utilized something in two years, I can let it go). when the bag is full, it goes into the trunk of my car, as well asApoi mă îndrept spre stația de donare a bunăvoinței, cât mai curând posibil pentru a scădea. Obiectivul meu să fac acest lucru atunci când o zi, la fel de bine, mi-a asistat cu adevărat să reușesc să proceseze dezordinea.


Ce lucruri ați iubit în ultima vreme?

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