May 22, 2024

The NARS Orgasm Collection: A new Three-Piece release showing up may 15th

The new three-piece NARS Orgasm Collection, showing up may 15th at NARS shops as well as the NARS website
Question: Is it possible to have several orgasms when you’re putting on your makeup in the morning?

Answer: Um…yeah?! It’s as well simple to go there as well as do prepubescent young boy jokes with NARS Orgasm. Îmi pare rău! color me adolescent.


NARS Collection products from the left: Orgasm liquid blush ($30), Orgasm Lipstick ($28) as well as restricted edition Orgasm blush ($30)
NARS has a new Orgasm collection. Shocker. however this one’s really quite interesting since there are two new versions of Orgasm — a liquid blush as well as a lipstick — neither of which I believe I’ve ever seen from NARS before.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a respectable re-issue of Orgasm if the original Orgasm powder blush wasn’t up in the mix, as well as this has new LE packaging.

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The collection comes out on may 15th, as well as it’ll be at NARS shops as well as the NARS website. I understand for sure that the powder blush is LE, however I’m not sure about the liquid blush as well as the lipstick. will have to get back to you on that.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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NARS Orgasm liquid blush ($30)

Obviously, one of the interesting things right here is Orgasm liquid Blush, as well as girl…FRAK, it’s good!

For comparison, it’s thicker than benefit Benetint. Actually, have you ever used the Veil primer by Hourglass? I believe it feels a great deal like that. practically like a runny lotion, as well as it’s slippery as well as kinda silicone-y.

From the top: Orgasm Blush, Orgasm liquid blush as well as Orgasm Lipstick
You understand the gold shimmer in the original Orgasm? I dunno…but it borders on obnoxious for me in some cases since I’ve got this whole pore circumstance happening. There’s still gold shimmer in liquid Orgasm, too, however it’s waaay toned down. It appears like a satiny peach pink with micro flecks of gold in it that peek out right here as well as there.

You can utilize it on top of or beneath powder products, as well as it does well in both situations.

Yeah, it’s $30, as well as the glass bottle is quite tiny, however the pump is simple to control, as well as if you pump one decrease as well as spread it around with a clean or your finger, that decrease will just keep spreading as well as spreading as well as spreading… It’s so concentrated!

I’m using NARS Orgasm liquid blush on my cheeks as well as Orgasm Lipstick on my lips

Any time you get a great deal of color without having to utilize a ton of product is exciting, however what puts this leagues above many liquid blushes is the method it spreads across skin. When you push it across your cheeks (I utilize my fingers, however you can likewise utilize a brush), it doesn’t avoid some patches as well as stop on others. The color goes on evenly, as well as you have great deals of manage over it, which is my huge problem with many liquid blushes, particularly thin, runny ones. however you can quickly location Orgasm liquid blush precisely where you want it.

Ugh! So beautiful, it hurts! I truly hope it’s perm.

NARS Orgasm Lipstick ($28)

Now for Orgasm Lipstick, first, it’s quite sheer, thin as well as slippery — like your common NARS sheer Lipstick formula (which is similar to a MAC Lustre). In genuine life, it looks much more metallic than it performs in pics, and, weirdly enough, it smells like plumeria!

Kinda tastes a bit floral, too.

NARS Orgasm blush ($30)

Sigh… NARS, did we truly requirement to do this again?

This time it has LE packaging, as well as yeah, it’s quite on the outside, however choosing up the powder from the pan is…annoyingly challenging.

Limited edition NARS Orgasm Blush
Run a finger across this one, then run a finger across an Orgasm pan from the long-term line, as well as I bet you’ll notice a difference. this feels much harder packed as well as stiffer to me.

If you requirement a new Orgasm (ha! 13-year-old young boy joke!), I’d feel much better about steering you toward the Orgasm blush in the long-term line. There’s a marked difference in structure between the two.

That’s the original Orgasm blush on my cheeks as well as Orgasm Lipstick on my lips


Still looks the exact same on mah cheeks, though. It just takes much more work…

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