May 22, 2024

The $9.99 NYX lid lingerie Makes It completely acceptable to wear lingerie in Public

Is this the very best drugstore combination available ideal meow?
If the $9.99 NYX lid lingerie shadow combination were a bra, it would be one that you wouldn’t usually pick out for yourself, but, since it was, like, on incredibly deep discount, you get it anyway, as well as even though it doesn’t in shape in addition to your go-to preferred bra, you come to realize, after using it a few times, that you like it more, the a lot more you wear it.

Yup, that about summarizes this six-pan combination of neutral powder shadows, in a nutshell.


Look at my lingerie!
A a lot more affordable alternate to the Viseart Neutral Palette

Lid Lingerie, which is offered now at Ulta as well as other drugstores, has been out a while, however it only just recently caught my eye, as well as I believe it did since of exactly how much I’ve been believing about my cherished Viseart Neutral Matte Palette.

I like that thing, however damn! — it’s so freaking expensive. So I’ve been trying to find a drugstore option, as well as I believe lid lingerie is it.

FYI (TMI?), I’m using my a lot of comfortable bra in this pic. Oh, as well as lid lingerie is on my lids.

Now, it’s not an precise dupe for the Viseart palette. I’ll state that up front. Viseart Neutral Matte has 12 shades, whereas NYX lid lingerie has six, however they’re similar. The NYX combination has a number of shades that look nearly similar to a few of the shades in Viseart.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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Easy to blend as well as extremely pigmented

There are so lots of great things about this palette! First, the pigments are absolutely on point. NYX has a track record for pigmented shadows, as well as these are absolutely as much as par. Second, my clean doesn’t avoid in any way when I apply the shadows. I can step one color into the next with a few light sweeps of my brush, as well as painting stunning gradients — even challenging ones for smokey eyes — is surprisingly easy.

Feelin’ this palette, man…
Drawbacks: after effects as well as fine lines

Nothing is perfect, though, right? When I swirl my clean in the pans, I do have to tap off a lot more powder than I make with a lot of other eyeshadows, as well as even so, I still do end up with a bit fallout.

Not a great deal though. As long as you discharge a lot of of the excess from your clean before bringing it to your lids, you’ll be fine.

That font style appears like magnificent ’50s. I understand this since I utilized it on my “save the date” invites for my wedding.
For my fellow fine line-having #makeuphoarders, these are quite smooth for drugstore matte shadows, as well as even when I stack them on, the shadows don’t look heavy or thick.

I do have to note, though, that compared to the Viseart Neutral Matte Palette, which is the smoothest of the smooooove, lid lingerie does highlight my fine lines, particularly the ones on the inner half of my lids for some reason, however it’s not like, “Oh, hai, everyone! Come gaze at my fine lines!”

Unless you’re extremely persnickety, it’s doable.

The great things outweigh my minor quibbles

The things I like about NYX lid lingerie comprise for its minor issues. It’s like the best mix of warm as well as awesome tones, as well as you can’t beat the $9.99 price.


Dare I phone call it one of the very best drugstore combination out there? Da, fac.

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