May 22, 2024

The MAC hint of Colour Lip Oils

The new $17 MAC hint of color Lip Oils from the top: pale Princess, Doll to Diva, La La love You and candy drop ($17 each)
Ya know, I revel in being the quirky neighbor who smiles like a maniac while taking pictures of the MAC hint of Colour Lip Oils by some freesia on the side of the road.

Spring is (at least officially) here!

I don’t even care if people look at me weird. I just smile ? and wave ? like I’m meant to be there… And, I mean, I’m not not meant to be there. After all, who wouldn’t want to stop and admire charming freesia? They’re beautiful, and when the freesia appear, wintertime is saying “Peace out!” Warmer days are comin’.


Like freesia, the MAC hint of Colour Lip Oils, which are LE and available now for $17, are also cool. They look like they must be intensely pigmented, right? like liquid nirvana? but they aren’t. They’re shockingly sheer, just like the name goes. They leave a hint of color, and I think that’s a good thing for lip moisturizers, because when my lips need moisture, I don’t want to deal with a mirror. I just want something easy, and an extra hint of color is also nice.

Pale Princess, Dole to Diva, La La love You, candy Drop
These are generally incredibly sheer, lightly tinted vanilla-scented glossy lip balms that feel exactly like the MAC Cremesheen Glasses to me. They aren’t sticky, and they only last an hour or two at the most, but they’re lip oils (more accurately, a mélange of five moisturizing oils with a gel formula), so I can’t spite them for that.

They aren’t complicated to use either. It’s not rocket ? ştiinţă. just slick ’em on when your lips are thirsty, then let them do their shiny, moisturizing thing. They’ll fade away to a matte tint, and the intensity of the tint slightly varies among the colors.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

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Doll to Diva

La La love You
Pale Princess
Yes, this is one of those situations where you absolutely don’t need to hoard all four colors, because, really, they look a lot more or less alike, especially ideal after you put them on. You really have to get your eyeballs all up in there to see the differences between the colors. a lot of people probably won’t be able to tell unless they’re in kissing distance.

Candy Drop
Candy drop after it fades into a stain
If you’re going to get one, may I suggest candy Drop? I think it’s the most pigmented one. Plus, it’s ? purple, which just happens to be 1) my favorite color, 2) Prince’s signature color (a very crucial factor!) and 3) the Pantone color of the Year.


Clarins makes a similar lip oil for $24, by the way. It’s also non-sticky and sheer, but I like the MAC one better because it’s a lot more moisturizing.

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