May 22, 2024

The metropolitan Decay Vice Lipstick Palettes in Blackmail as well as Junkie for holiday 2016

metropolitan Decay Vice Lipstick Palettes
“You state ‘lipstick hoarder’ like it’s a poor thing.”

I mean, yeah, my shoulders may permanently tilt on my best side since of my penchant for bring around 8-10 tubes of lipstick to go get a boba tea from the mall, however at least I’m always prepared…because ya never know. If I’m ever struck by an uncontrollable requirement to switch from a neutral lip to an legendary red — as well as count on me, urges like that are best up there with Nutella yearnings — I’ll be prepared.


The metropolitan Decay Vice Lipstick Palettes look like this…
I believed about this the other day when I swapped out neutral peachy pink Ex-Girlfriend lipstick for bright orangey red EZ (swoon!) from the new $35 metropolitan Decay Vice Lipstick combination in Blackmail, one of two Vice Lipstick Palettes from UD this year for vacanțele.

It’s so simple to switch your lipstick shade when you have 12 of them in a smooth travel case.

And the palettes likewise include a respectable, retractable lip brush, as well as it’s much better than most, since many travel lip brushes are about as helpful as painting your lips with a handful of yearn needles.


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Both of these UD Vice Lipstick Palettes — Blackmail as well as Junkie — are $35 each, which isn’t bad, thinking about that each one has 12 shades.

The Blackmail combination seems tame, with its beautiful mix of nudes as well as brights, next to its rock ‘n’ roll rebel shout sister, Junkie, with its edgier colors as well as that cray-cray forest green.

The metropolitan Decay Vice Lipstick combination in Blackmail (one of two; $35 each)

The metropolitan Decay Vice Lipstick combination in Blackmail ($35)
When Blackmail shows up soon, it’ll be holding lipstick hoarders for ransom at Ulta Beauty, choose Macy’s, as well as the metropolitan Decay website, however if Junkie is much more of your fix, it’ll be a Sephora exclusive.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick combination in Junkie
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick combination in Junkie
I’ve stated it before as well as I’ll state it again: the UD Vice lippies are bad-@ss beautiful. I got hooked on them when the Gwen Stefani collection dropped, as well as I was using shade 714, like, 23 hours a day.

They have that soft, creamy high quality I look for in moisturizing lipsticks (yup, even the mattes are quite darned moisturizing), as well as they drape across your lips like a silk gown on a woman’s curves.

Swatches of UD Blackmail
More UD Blackmail swatches
There’s a broad variety colors as well as completes among the two palettes (Mega Matte, comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, sheer as well as sheer Shimmer), as well as they’re great representations of what the line has to offer in terms of ruj.

Here’s the thing, though: even though I like the Vice lipsticks, as well as I like the colors in these palettes as well as the $35 price, I’ve likewise come to recognize that I’m not truly a lipstick combination person…

I’ve been bring around both of these palettes this week since I freaking like the concept of rollin’ deep with 24 lipsticks, however I haven’t utilized them extremely frequently when I’ve been out as well as about to touch up my lips.

More Junkie swatches…
And even much more Junkie swatches…
My heart certainly prefers private tubes, even to these fantastic huge boxes of color.

I’d rather just bring a lot of private tubes… I dunno, though. I may be a weirdo that way.

But if you’re a lipstick combination gal, then yeah, these are great palettes.

I’m inclined to point you toward Blackmail, since I believe it’s the much more helpful of the two. The brights as well as nudes are balanced, as well as you can most likely discover something in there to match any type of as well as all eye looks.

Does one of these catch your eye? as well as what do you believe of the metropolitan Decay Vices?


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