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Saturday Surfing, October 6th, 2018

This may or may not be the very first time I’ve done my hair in a couple weeks.
Hey there, wonderful pea. happy Caturday!

I have a theory that if there’s ever anything I’ve felt or believed, possibilities are, somebody else available has felt or believed it too, soooooo…let’s talk hair.


I understand it’s insignificant in the universal plan of things, however I’ve been feeling kinda low-grade “meh” lately since of different starved viruses over the past month since Connor started preschool, as well as I’ve only truly started feeling like myself once again in the last few days, so yesterday I required myself to style my hair for the very first time in weeks, even though I truly just wished to put it up in a untidy bun as well as fail to remember about it…

But you understand what? I feel so much more practical when my hair is done.

Is that weird?


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

It’s like when I wear pajamas all the time long… Whenever I do it, I feel crappy as well as unmotivated to do anything at all, as well as obviously it’s the exact same method for me with hair. When I take the time to style it as well as do at least a bit something to smooth my bangs as well as curl a few pieces framing my face, I feel much better as well as more capable of heading out into the world.

Anywho…are you like that too?

By the way, the base makeup I’m using right here is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away liquid Concealer as well as brilliant Magic Powder combo I talked about the other day, as well as I just have to state it again: It’s SO GOOD. Also, the lipstick is MAC Powder Kiss in Sultriness.

Now onto this week’s reading…

What you requirement to understand before getting your upper lip or eyebrows waxed

This hurricane map is bringing out everyone’s 13-year-old sense of humor (and yes, I laughed too!).

If you’re having a hard time with growing out your brows, all is not lost!

In situation you were unaware, butt masks as well as vaginal care products are growing classifications in the beauty biz.

Text messaging may be the newest method beauty brands offer you their products.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, every week throughout October, you can get 30% off a different classification of beauty products at whole Foods.

What do you believe of side-split jeans? like ’em or loathe ’em? I’m gonna pass…

Speaking of jeans, there are some remarkable sales happening at Old Navy right meow, including $15 jeans.

Tom Ford is broadening the F–king wonderful fragrance line.

Remember when Origins offered makeup? They stopped for a while, however now they’re throwing their hat back in the sound with a new lipstick launch.

How preschools in Iceland teach gender equality is fascinating!

Um…just in situation you have $17 million earmarked for a single pair of shoes…

Why does your feline chew your hair while you’re sleeping? This feline professional answers your burning kitty behavioral questions.

Even though Tabs would just end up sleeping in the box these elegant kitty beds came in, I kinda want one of these spaceship-inspired feline beds anyway.

I’d eat these snacks late at night, however I most likely wouldn’t make them, LOL!

I just found Kim Soane (she’s a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown), as well as I’m just a wee bit consumed with her.

I was in the cars and truck the other day as well as heard this tune for the very first time in years. Yes, I lost my damn mind, LOL!


Have a great day today, OK? Ne vedem mai tarziu.

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