May 22, 2024

Two lovely limited edition Paul & Joe glamorous bath & Body Collection gift sets to help You (or a lucky Recipient) Unwind

In our little household solar system of quantum mechanics, my upstairs bathroom is like a black hole, because I disappear into it every night for what seems like hours.

Actually, it is more than an hour sometimes.


Honestly, though, I feel like I earn it because I’m always rushing and trying to finish one thing or another during the workday, so at the end of the night, I can damned well take my sweet old time showering and getting ready for pat.

I’m sure that will change when baby girl arrives in March (heck, I’ll be lucky if I ever take a shower), but I’m gonna enjoy it while I can.

My nightly get-ready-for-bed ritual has been even more enjoyable than usual lately thanks to the $50 Paul & Joe glamorous bath & Body Collection Columbine set in 001.


Pisici & machiaj Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Cumpără acum

One of two gift sets available now at Paul & Joe counters and online, it’s a lovely, lavish way to treat and clean yo’self at the end of a long day.

It comes with a large 14-oz. bag of bath Salts for when you feel like a soak, a 6.7-oz. bottle of liquid Body Soap for the shower and a 4.9-oz. jar of Body Butter.

All three contain moisturizing emollient orange oil, and the Body Soap and the Body Butter also contain soothing orange flower water, orange extract and orange honey for even more moisture.

Each of the two available gift sets has a different theme and scent. The one I’ve been using, 001 Columbine, is the relaxing option — a delicate, feminine fruity floral with notes of orange, blackcurrant, rose and jasmine, and the scent slowly fades over about eight hours, but a light essence of it lingers chiar mai mult.

Este foarte drăguț.

Bath Salts ingredients and Benefits

Orange Oil – Emollient

Body Soap ingredients & Benefits

Orange Extract – Moisturizer, prevents Skin Irritation

Orange flower Water – Moisturizer

Orange Honey – Moisturizer

Orange Oil – Emollient

Sodium Hyaluronate – Moisturizer

Body Butter ingredients & Benefits

Orange Extract – Moisturizer, prevents Skin Irritation

Orange flower Water – Moisturizer

Orange Honey – Moisturizer

Orange Oil – Emollient

Shea Butter – Emollient


Add a small handful of bath Salts to warm bathwater to deliver moisturizing benefits to the skin for effects that last long after the bath.

Take desired amount of Body Soap onto wash cloth soaked with warm water, work up a good lather to wash your body and rinse well.

Take desired amount of Body Butter on the palm and massage into the body.

The second set, 002 Arlequin, is the more energizing one (it’s also $50 and comes with a bag of the bath Salts, a Body Soap and Body Butter). I haven’t sniffed it yet, but judging by the fragrance notes — citrus, herbs, spice, ylang ylang, musk and vanilla — it sounds like a heavier oriental floral-powered pick-me-up.

After falling for the relaxing set, I wish the included Body Butter was sold separately, because I like it so much that I’m definitely going to finish it, and I already know I’m gonna want another jar.

The butter feels interesting…more like a light gel moisturizer than a regular heavy-duty body butter, so it absorbs quickly when I work it into my skin, but it still feels rich and moisturizing.



You know what though? Don’t even pretend you’d get one of these sets (especially the relaxing one) and give it to someone else, LOL! I think you’re going to want to keep it for yourself.

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